The Leentu Story

Inspired by the classic Westy ethos and modern "triple bottom line" approach pioneered by Patagonia, we began this journey with the goal of developing the ultimate adventure camper – a design that would bridge the gap between an unwieldy roof-top tent and a heavy slide-in camper. We also wanted something that would allow us to utilize our trucks effectively around town during the week, then transition seamlessly to adventures that would inevitably take us beyond the end of the pavement, and set up in seconds upon arrival at a campsite.

After methodically constructing, testing, fine-tuning and thoroughly abusing our two prototypes -- from Baja to Moab, Humbolt to the Mojave – we finalized our design, confident that our lightweight, low profile campers achieve each of these goals, while providing the dependability and baseline comfort required in a true go-anywhere overlanding set-up.